FreeBitcoin – sports betting, betting

Quite recently, the Freebitcoin service has provided its users with a new opportunity – to bet on sports events, and all sports events are bet on the blockchain technology.

By betting on sports events on the Freebitcoin service you will receive additional free bonuses:

  • 1 lottery ticket and 1 reward point for every 0.00000500 BTC bets placed;
  • 1 Golden Ticket for every 00500000 BTC bets. Golden Tickets give you the chance to win a very valuable prize, a Lamborghini automobile worth over $200,000.

In order to make a bet on a sporting event you need to be a registered member of the service or go to the official website of Freebitcoin and go through a simple registration procedure.

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How to bet on a sporting event in Freebitcoin

To make a bet, go to the “Betting” section on the site of Freebitcoin. Then choose the category of sports events you are interested in in “Select Category”. Choose the sporting event you are interested in, and then you will get to the page of betting selection.

ENDING IN – time left till the end of the event;

TIME WEIGHT MULTIPLIER – current time odds of winning;

PRIZE POOL – total prize pool of bets.

Below there will be fields where you should choose the team that will win or bet on a draw “Tie or No Result”.

BETS COUNT – shows the amount of bets made on a particular outcome.

OUTCOME ODDS – shows the total odds in case of winning.

The bar with percent shows the chance of success of the event.

In BET AMOUNT you have to specify the amount of BTC you want to bet on the event. Below in the Estimated winnings field the amount that you will get in case of winning will be displayed at once.

Click on the button BET and you will make a bet on the event.

In the case of a positive outcome of the event, the payment will be made within 48 hours at most.

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