Freebitcoin – Multuply BTC game, how to play instruction

Multiply BTC is a game on the Freebitcoin website better known as “More-Fewer”. The basic principle and essence of the game is as follows: You need to guess what number will fall out on the screen – more or less than specified.

This game Multiply BTC allows you, if you play carefully, to greatly increase your initial balance of BTC, as well as allows you to get the following free bonuses:

  • 1 Lotto Ticket and 1 Reward Points for every 0.00000500 BTC bets placed;
  • 1 Golden Ticket for every 0.00500000 BTC bets. This ticket gives you a chance to win the main prize, a Lamborghini automobile worth over $200,000.

To play in Multiply BTC you need to go to the official website of Freebitcoin, register to your personal cabinet and go to the section “Multiply BTC”.

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How to play Multiply BTC on Freebitcoin

In the game Multiply BTC has the ability to play in 2 modes: Manual Bet – manual mode of play and Auto Bet – play in automatic mode.

How to play the game Multiply BTC in Manual Bet mode

  1. In “BET AMOUNT” you need to specify the size of your bet, where MIN (minimum bet) = 0.00000001 BTC, MAX = bet, which is equal to your current balance, 2X – increase the current bet by 2 times, /2 – decrease the current bet by 2 times.
  2. In “BETS ODS” you need to specify odds or percentage of winnings in “WIN CHANCE”. Also this item can be left without any changes. The rule is valid here: the more specified chance of winning, the less amount you will earn for one round.
  3. Then it is necessary to press “BET HI” if you think the number will be higher than the one indicated, or “BET LO” if you think the number will be lower than the current one. In case of correct guessing of the number you will get the winning.

How to play the game Multiply BTC in Auto Bet mode

  1. In “BASE BET” it is necessary to specify the initial bet, in “BET ODDS” – odds of winning, and item “NO. OF ROLLS” – the number of spins you want the system to play. In the item “BET ON” it is also necessary to specify what numbers you think will fall out: “HI” – more than the previous one, “LO” – less than the previous one.
  2. In item “STOP BETTING AFTER”, if necessary, we specify the conditions for stopping the game without waiting for the completion of the number of games.
  3. Then it is necessary to press the button “Start Auto Bet” and the game will be started.

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