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In addition to free Bitcoin giveaway on FreeBitcoin faucet all users can participate in weekly lottery with valuable prizes, which absolutely all service members have a chance to win.

The total prize pool of the weekly Freebitcoin lottery is over $8000, which is divided among 10 prizes and the winner receives $4,500.

To participate in the lottery, you need to have lottery tickets, which are issued for the following actions:

– 2 raffle tickets every hour when using the Bitcoin tap (Free BTC);

– 1 lottery ticket for every 0.00000500 BTC bets placed in the Multiply BTC game;

– 1 lottery ticket for 0.00000001 BTC. Can be purchased in the “Lottery” section;

– 1 lottery ticket for each distribution by FreeBTC faucet of satoshi to your referrals. I.e. a referral gets Satoshi from the faucet and 2 lottery tickets for each ROLL, and meanwhile you get 1 lottery ticket from each referral.

To view the terms of the lottery, as well as to find out the number of lottery tickets you have, etc., go to the official Freebitcoin website in the “Lottery” section.

Here you’ll see the current lottery round, the increasing prize amounts for 1st – 10th place, and the time remaining until the next drawing. Below that, you will see the number of tickets you have, the total number of tickets that are being raffled, and your chance of winning with your tickets.

To increase your chance of winning, you can buy lottery tickets for BTC at the following rate: 1 ticket = 0.00000001 BTC. To do this, you need to enter in the NO. OF TICKETS field, enter the number of tickets you want to buy and click the BUY button. Then your purchased tickets will be displayed in the list of your tickets and consequently your chance to win will increase.

But as practice shows, absolutely all players have a chance to win in the Freebitcoin lottery, even with a small number of tickets, as you can see below.

Therefore, if you are not yet registered on the service Freebitcoin, then urgently register and participate in the lottery.

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