FreeBitcoin – how to earn on the official site

FreeBitcoin is the most popular service for giving away Bitcoin cryptocurrency for free and without any investment. FreeBitcoin is also often called a Bitcoin faucet, i.e., a service that gives an hourly opportunity to earn Bitcoin for free. Thanks to this service, users have earned over 185,000 BTC since the service’s inception in 2013, which even at the rate of $10,000 per BTC would be $1,850,000,000.

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Features of Freebitcoin service

Freebitcoin service is not only a Bitcoin faucet with free distribution of bitcoins, but it is a multifunctional service where you can store your cryptocurrency, increase your balance by playing MultiplyBTC game, invest at an interest, bet on sport events, participate in referral program, etc.

Earn Bitcoin for free on the FreeBTC faucet

FreeBitcoin offers all its members free BTC earnings of up to $200 every hour. For this you just need to be a registered member of the service and every hour press the ROLL button! But in addition to BTC, you will be getting 2 lottery tickets and 3-6 Rewards Points every hour that you can spend on very valuable prizes.

Weekly Lottery Participation

All members of the service have a chance to win valuable prizes of up to $4,500 in the Freibitcoin Weekly Free Lottery. To do this, you need to have lottery tickets in your account, which you can get in the following ways:

  • 2 raffle tickets every hour on the bitcoin faucet;
  • 1 lottery ticket for every 0.00000500 BTC bets in the Multiply BTC game;
  • Purchase for cryptovalta at a rate of 0.00000001 BTC per ticket;
  • 1 ticket every hour for your referred referral, who earns on the FreeBTC faucet
  • Total weekly prize pool is about $8000, which will be divided between 10 winners depending on the place taken.

Bets on sport events

Bet on different sport events at FreeBitcoin service and get a chance to win a part of the total prize pool. Every 0.00000500 BTC you place you will get 1 additional lottery ticket and 3 RP (Reward Points), and for every 0.00500000 BTC you bet you will get 1 Golden Ticket, that will give you a chance to win the most valuable prize – Lamborghini car.

Multiply BTC Game

Multiply BTC is a so called “Bigger-Smaller” game where you have to guess on which number will appear on the screen more or less than the current number. If you guessed the right number you will get the winnings according to the game settings. You can set the multiplication coefficient of winnings, the difficulty of the game and also the chance to win.

You can also automate the game by means of the game itself, playing in automatic mode or by using different scripts or bots, which can be configured to work by IP.

Also in the game Multiply BTC there is an opportunity to win the jackpot of 1 BTC.

Exchange Reward Points for Prizes

While earning FREEBTC you will also get 6 Reward Points (RP) every hour. You can exchange the points you earn not only for bonuses from the system in the form of increased deductions on the faucet, increased lottery ticket fallout etc., but you can also exchange them for very valuable prizes such as top-end smartphones, laptops, physical wallets to store cryptocurrency, various Amazon certificates and other valuable prizes.

Also, each referral you attracted who will earn on the FreeBTC faucet will bring you 3 Reward Points every hour.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Also, Frerbittcoin service offers free cryptocurrency wallet services, where you can safely store your Bitcoins. For security, you can connect two-factor authentication (2FA) to securely protect your account from being hacked by intruders.

Investing cryptocurrencies with interest

To get more income from the service you can invest your BTC in Freebitcoin service at 4.08% per annum. To do this you need to have at least 0.0003 BTC on your balance. Your income will be credited to your balance daily.

Referral program

Refer your friends and any other users to the service Freebitcoin and get a percentage of earnings of referrals brought in by you, the system will pay you. For each referral you attracted you will receive:

  • 50% of the base earnings on the FreeBtc faucet + 1 lottery ticket and 3 RP for each ROLL;-
  • 0.40% of the amount of bets in the game Multiply;
  • 0.40% of the amount of bets on sporting events;
  • 25% weekly income from investing.

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